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The Natural Hazards Focus Group  focuses within AGU on studies of geophysical hazards, including droughts, earthquakes, fires, floods, heat waves, landslides, space weather, storms, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, impact by near-Earth objects, and related events. Read more

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Another Typhoon Hits the PhilippinesTyphoon Haima is the second typhoon in the span of a week to bring heavy wind and rain to the Philip [...]

Hurricane Nicole’s Cold Water WakeHurricanes feed off of warm ocean surfaces, consuming the heat and dragging up cool water from below [...]

Typhoon Sarika Over the PhilippinesThe storm brought high winds and heavy rains to the Philippines before heading toward China and Viet [...]

Evaluating forecasting models for predicting rainfall from tropical cyclonesTo help improve hurricane preparedness and mitigation efforts, new research examines how accurate cu [...]

Earthquake series cause uplift variations at continental marginsA new mechanism may explain how great earthquakes with magnitudes larger than M7 are linked to coast [...]

Geologist explores minerals below Earth's surfaceA geology researcher is going deep below Earth's surface to understand how some of the most abu [...]

Geologists have traced magma movement beneath Mt. Cameroon volcano, which will help monitoring for f [...]

Exhaling Earth: Scientists closer to forecasting volcanic eruptionsOn average, 40 volcanoes on land erupt into the atmosphere each month, while scores of others on the [...]

Wisconsin Severe Storms, Flooding, and Mudslides (DR-4288) [...]

Kansas Severe Storms and Flooding (DR-4287) [...]

Colorado Junkins Fire (FM-5157) [...]

Nevada Little Valley Fire (FM-5156) [...]

South Carolina Hurricane Matthew (DR-4286) [...]