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The Natural Hazards Focus Group  focuses within AGU on studies of geophysical hazards, including droughts, earthquakes, fires, floods, heat waves, landslides, space weather, storms, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, impact by near-Earth objects, and related events. Read more

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Fires in Northwestern SiberiaIn mid July 2016, satellites observed dense smoke over the boreal forests of north-central Russia. [...]

Fuller Fire, ArizonaFire charred forests along the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in July 2016. [...]

Hurricane Darby and Tropical Storm Estelle in the Eastern PacificJuly 2016 was a busy time for tropical cyclones in the Eastern Pacific. [...]

Tide-triggered tremors give clues for earthquake predictionThe triggering of small, deep earthquakes along California's San Andreas Fault reveals depth-de [...]

Super-eruptions may give a year's warning before they blowA microscopic analysis of quartz crystals from an ancient California super-eruption indicates that t [...]

Older people in Japan are more resistant to the impacts of disasters on their health than younger ge [...]

Better understanding post-earthquake fault movementPreparation and good timing enabled researchers to collect a unique data set following the 2014 Sout [...]

The pains and strains of a continental breakupScientists have revealed the underlying mechanics enabling supercontinents to separate. [...]

Oklahoma Severe Storms and Flooding (DR-4274) [...]

New Mexico Timberon Fire (FM-5134) [...]

Colorado Cold Spring Fire (FM-5133) [...]

California Sage Fire (FM-5132) [...]

West Virginia Severe Storms, Flooding, Landslides, and Mudslides (DR-4273) [...]