Natural Hazards at EGU

The Natural Hazards (NH) division of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) is one of the largest within the EGU.

Natural Hazards at EGU General Assemblies represented by several sub-divisions, namely:
NH – Natural Hazards
NH1 – Hydro-Meteorological Hazards
NH2 – Volcanic Hazards
NH3 – Landslide Hazards
NH4 – Earthquake Hazards
NH5 – Sea & Ocean Hazards
NH6 – Remote Sensing & Hazards
NH7 – Wildfire Hazards
NH8 – Biological, Environmental & Other Hazards
NH9 – Natural Hazards & Society

Participants include physical scientists, social scientists and representatives of industry (e.g. the reinsurance industry).

NH division at EGU actively encourages:
• gender diversity (e.g. through conveners at sessions and officers),
• assembly and splinter meeting sessions on natural hazards education and communication,
• the inclusion and recognition of young scientists (e.g. through scientific sessions, and through young scientist poster awards).

NH division at EGU endorses and sponsors a number of smaller splinter meetings to do with natural hazards, both in developing and developed countries, on a wide range of key themes (with recent conferences in the last 12 months on the individual topics of Mediterranean storms, Wildfires, Landslides).

NH division at EGU awards two medals to outstanding scientists working in natural hazards:
• the Plinius Medal ( to outstanding young scientists
• the Sergei Soloviev Medal ( to mid-level and senior scientists.